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Denmark-inspiration for outstanding holiday package tours for groups & FIT's

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Denmark is a small lovely country. It is the world’s oldest kingdom where the current and beloved Queen Margrethe II and the royal family lives. The atmosphere in Denmark is a bit like in a wonderland and it seems like fairytales are still alive. The capital city, Copenhagen, offers various tourist attractions such as The Little Mermaid, the amusement park Tivoli, canal tours, the famous Louisiana Art museum, beautiful castles and more.

There are many fine restaurants and cafes in Copenhagen. You also have the opportunity to visit some of the town’s world class restaurants with several Michelin stars. In the inner city of Copenhagen there is a famous pedestrian street, Strøget, with various shops and small boutiques. Denmark is famous for its simple and cutting-edge design in terms of furniture, clothing and new experimental buildings. LEGO toys and Royal Copenhagen porcelain is just some of Denmark’s famous global brands.

If you want to explore more of Denmark, you can take a trip to Odense which is the hometown of the famous writer H.C Andersen or go further to the amusement park Legoland in Billund. Not far from Legoland you have the opportunity to visit Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus. Here you find the Old Town Museum, the Mosegård Museum and take a walk on the Infinite Bridge in beautiful beach surroundings.

If you take your journey further west from Aarhus, you will reach Denmark´s famous west coast with beautiful white sand beaches and endless blue sea horizons.

Denmark is one of the world’s leading countries for sustainable development of green energy and climate solutions. The island ”Samsø” is as the world first a 100% self-sufficient renewable energy region. Danish agriculture production also has a world global position with sustainable intensification of agriculture and high qualities. Danish Crown is a world known Danish livestock farming industry.

Facts and figures

Capital city
5.8 million (2019)
Official language(s)
DKK (Danish Kroner)
42.933 km2
A parliamentary representative democracy, a constitutional monarchy EU member state.
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