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The Faroe Islands was named as “the Sheep Islands” by the Vikings back in times. Today it is called Europe’s hidden treasure and boasts its unspoiled beautiful nature with waterfallssea cliffs and bird life. The Faroe Islands are an archipelago made up of 18 rugged islands and there are still volcano activities today. This undiscovered destination awaits many to come to enjoy the beauty of Europe’s hidden treasure, the Faroe Islands. 

Vágar is your first destination after arrival by flight in the Faroe Islands. Besides being an important airport destination, Vágar Island offers spectacular tourist attractions. By taking 30 minutes driving toward northwest, you will reach the amazing Múlafossur Waterfall which runs into the Atlantic Ocean and the picturesque village Gásadalur. On the way to this destination, you will enjoy the sights of the stunning village Bøur and in the distance the sea-stacks Drangarnir and the Tindhólmur. In Gásadalur, you will also admire the panoramic view of Island Mykines and mesmerizing waterfall. 

Moreover, Faroe Islands offers gorgeous flora and fauna and wild bird life. 
Take a 2-hour magnificent boat trip to the Vestmanna bird cliffs which are perpendicular and 700 m high from the sea. From May to September, you will see thousands of seabirds such as puffins, guillemotsfulmars and razorbills. Continue to visit three picturesque popular destinations- Saksun, Tjornuvik and Gjogv. 

Kalsoy Island is one of the most popular hiking destinations with its stunning sight of Kallur Lighthouse. From Kallur Lighthouse you will experience breathtaking views of steep cliffs, different green colors of grass, yellow, purple flowers, and the sea. This is one of the must-do experiences in the Faroe Islands. Visit the capital city Tórshavn, an active seaportThis city offers the views of beautiful islands, fantastic old picturesque houses, museums, galleries, shopsrestaurants and much more. 
You will be amazed by the hidden treasures revealing during your stay in this beautiful country with its small Islands. 

Facts and Figures

Capital city
52,110 (2020)
Official language(s)
Faroese & Danish
DKK (Faroese krona)
1,399 km2
Devolved government within a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Overseas Countries and Territories (OCT) of the EU, due to its political relations to Denmark.

Photo: Ingrid Hofstra - @ingridhofstra

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