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Do you consider yourself a passionate travel agency, travel company, or wholesaler? Are you searching for a local inbound tour operator for tours in Estonia, and other Nordic countries? Then you are at the right place! We can help you with our inspirational holiday tours. Our tours are perfect for holidays, and they offer you unforgettable experiences of incredible Estonia and the capital city Tallin as well as other Nordic regions. Please see the images below for inspirations for the composition of unique package tours. If you have questions or any requests, then please click on contact.

Estonia is a beautiful small Baltic country and it is the most Nordic of the three Baltic countries. The country borders Russia in the North, Lativa in the South and is just across the Gulf of Finland from Helsinki. Estonia is known as the greenest Baltic country and almost half of the country is covered by forest and 1400 lakes.

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and an exciting and perfect holiday destination with a combination of old and new. In Tallinn you can visit the “Old Town” which is the best-preserved Hanseatic town center in the world and on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Just a few minutes’ walk from “Old Town” you will see the most modern buildings and large and trendy shopping centers. There are various fine restaurants from authentic Medieval cuisine to vegetarian menus and dozens of cozy cafes. Tallinn offers many beautiful old castles and museums.

“Before going to Paris, go to Nuustaku (Otepää)!” is one of the most favorite expression among Estonians.
It perhaps says all about South Estonia as a popular destination in Estonia. South Estonia offers you a beautiful view of rolling hills and valleys and deep blue lakes hidden in the magnificent landscape as well as local architecture, manor houses, ancient fortresses and more. You can also go to the second largest city, Tartu, where you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site ‘Struve Geodetic Arc’.

The West of Estonia and its islands are famous for their Baltic Sea resorts. The summer capital of Estonia, Parnu, is a must visit. Parnu is famous for its numerous beautiful beaches and its spas. Other popular places include the romantic islands Hiiumaa, Saaremaa and Muhu.

Facts and figures

Capital city
1,328,360 millions (2020)
Official language(s)
Euro (EUR)
45.227 km²
A parliamentary representative democratic republic. EU member state.

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