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Do you consider yourself a passionate travel agency, travel company, or wholesaler? Are you searching for a local inbound tour operator for tours in Sweden, and other Nordic countries? Then you are at the right place! We can help you with our inspirational holiday tours. Our tours are perfect for holidays, and they offer you unforgettable experiences of incredible Sweden and the capital city Stockholm as well as other Nordic regions. Please see the images below for inspirations for the composition of unique package tours. If you have questions or any requests, then please click on contact.

Sweden is in many ways a magnificent country with its great contrast in nature and climates. The country is the largest among the Nordic countries and borders Norway, Finland and to the south it is connected to Denmark by the Øresund bridge and tunnel. As a constitutional monarchy King Carl Gustaf XVI is head of State, the King and the beloved royal family only has ceremonial functions without political power. The best-preserved medieval city is “Gamla Stan (Old city)” in Stockholm and here you can visit the Royal Palace which is the official residence of the Swedish monarch.

The capital city, Stockholm, is known as “Venice of the North” and the city is surrounded by plenty of water and many river boats and is a cultural hot spot. There are many tourist attractions like the Vasa Museum, the Abba museum, Skansen – the world’s oldest open-air museum, and the Stockholm city hall and many wonderful restaurants and cozy cafes. We recommend that you also visit the impressive food market called ‘Östermalms Hallen’. The famous Swedish glass work, crystal products and design clothing have a long historical inheritance and are well known in the world.

There are many other beautiful cities which is absolute worthy of a visit. ‘Småland’ is kind of a miniature version of Sweden and is one of the best destinations for the entire family to visit. Here you can go to ‘Astrid Lindgren´s world’, also called ‘Pippiland’, which is based on the famous author Astird Lindgrens stories and surrounded by beautiful nature and lakes. Gotland, the largest island in Sweden, offers the magical medieval city “Visby” and other unique tourist attractions and here you can explore different unique spots.

Swedish Lapland is the contrast of lights and colors. Here you have the opportunity to experience the midnight sun where the sun never sleeps in summer. In contrast, darkness takes over in mid-December and there are only very short hours of twilight. Here you can find the world first ice hotel and enjoy the Northern Light tour (the Aurora Borealis) with various winter activities.

Facts and figures

Capital city
10.23 million (2019)
Official language(s)
SEK (Swedish kroner)
450.295 km²
A parliamentary representative democracy, a constitutional monarchy. EU member state.
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