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Full Service Inbound Tour Operator

We offer a wide variety of tours to Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands and the Baltic countries by designing an itinerary, arrange hotels, transportation, restaurants, entrances, activities, tour guides and more.
From the beginning to the end of the tour.

Group tours

The group tour offers travelers a unique travel experience together with other travelers. Sharing each other’s tour experience and interests as a group, can make the travel more cheerful. As a group, travelers will often feel safer, and it is also cost-effective since you, for instance, can share a room and other travel expenses. It also gives a good opportunity to find lifelong friends. We have great experiences with providing various group tours for colleagues, neighbors, friends, and interest groups of like-minded people. On our group tours we take special needs and comfort well into our consideration and make sure all travel dots are well completed.

Tailor-made tours

Tailor-made tours will offer you a personal touch beyond pre-made tours. You have great flexibility to design your own trip exactly how you wish it to be. We will assist you to complete your ideal trip in every detail from dot to dot. We offer Tailor-made tours for individual, FIT’s as well as group holiday packages. We have the knowledge and many years of experiences with providing amazing tailor-made tours for families, friends, schools, companies, clubs, churches, and organizations.

Technical visit tours

We provide various options for different technical visits for professionals, business and official delegations, educational visitors and more. Our long-standing experiences and extensive knowledge will make your Technical visit tours even more successful and purposeful.

Thematic tours

We offer various and exciting thematic tours of art, culture, gastronomy, pilgrim tours and more. Thematic tours are always exciting, and the types of tours are unlimited. In the case of thematic tours, we also focus on annual festivals and events in Northern Europe, as well as customized tours tailored to subject different age groups.

Winter tours

We offer the most popular and innovative winter itineraries and provide the perfect product for our clients. Whether it includes overnighting in glass igloos, marvelous Northern Light hunting tours or driving snow mobiles on open plain. Winter tours allow you to try the many interesting activities that summer tours cannot offer you, the nature that only winter brings, the villages covered in white snow, the mysterious appearance of the Aurora, and the fairy tale of Santa Claus and the reindeer. Northern Europe, Iceland, and the Baltic countries are very well suited for winter excursions where you can soak up the beauty of winter. Every year, more and more people are looking for the Nordic winter.

VIP Luxury tours

With the most exclusive and luxurious collections, we offer uncompromised, personalized and true VIP experiences on your luxurious journey. Based on our extensive experience in specializing in luxury tours, we offer tour products of the highest quality in all aspects, including the most famous and well-known VIP hotels and restaurants, deluxe vehicles in Northern Europe and private flight services according to your needs.

Individual tours

We offer tours for FIT to Scandinavia, Iceland and the Baltic countries. For those who want to have the freedom to do what they want to this is an ideal choice. The accommodations and tour will be pre-arranged.

City breaks

City breaks are for those who want to fly directly to their chosen holiday destination, not only for a prime destination but also for several. Our city break products are available from comfortable budget to high-end, according to your wishes.

Mice & Events

With Mice & Events we take care of all aspects of the company or organization, of meetings, conventions, gala dinners, and parties. With our dedicated work and local knowledge, we make sure that your needs are completely covered and that everything runs smoothly at the perfect venue. We help you to choose menus, decorations, and entertainment as well as local transportation, accommodations and more.

Guaranteed departures

We offer guaranteed departures to Scandinavia, Iceland and the Baltic countries. By choosing a guaranteed departure tour, you can be assured that your tour will depart on the day you have planned.

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    Our high quality of expertise is based on 15 years of experiences from the travel industry, rich local knowledge and true commitment to our passion which is to bring the wonderful Nordic world to you.

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