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Do you consider yourself a passionate travel agency, travel company, or wholesaler? Are you searching for a local inbound tour operator for tours in Finland, and other Nordic countries? Then you are at the right place! We can help you with our inspirational holiday tours. Our tours are perfect for holidays, and they offer you unforgettable experiences of incredible Finland and the capital city Helsinki as well as other Nordic regions. Please see the images below for inspirations for the composition of unique package tours. If you have questions or any requests, then please click on contact.

The Republic of Finland is one of the most Northern countries in the world and the land of unspoiled natural beauty with thousands of lakes and forests. Finland borders Russia, Sweden, Norway and is a part of Scandinavia. Finland offers rich experiences with its unique, exciting and beautiful sides.

The capital of Finland, Helsinki, has a wealth of culinary experiences, art, cultural history and unique architecture. You can visit the famous Rock Church (Temppeliaukos Kirkko), museums and take a trip to Suomenlinna island which is one of the Worlds Heritage Sites. The famous traditional Finnish sauna on a lake nearby Helsinki is well recommended both in summer- and winter times.

Outside Helsinki you can continue to explore more of Finland. In Southern Finland you can visit the city Naantali. It is the sunniest town with beautiful old buildings and shops and here you can visit the theme park Moomin World during the summer. The unique part of Finland known as the Åland archipelago is located in the Baltic sea between Finland and Sweden and is definitely worth a visit. Åland has its own taxation system, flag and stamps.

Finish Lapland, the home of Santa Claus and the Northern Lights, offers unforgettable winter- and Christmas dream tours with various activities such as husky- and reindeer sledding, snowmobiling, ice breaker cruise and experiencing the Sami culture. In the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi you will have the opportunity to greet Santa Claus to make your Christmas wishes come true.

Facts and figures

Capital city
5,518 millions (2019)
Official language(s)
Finish and Swedish
Euro (EUR)
338.424 km²
A parliamentary representative democracy. EU member state.

Photo: Visit Finland

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